Friday, August 18, 2017

Rebecca Zook Featured Artist for August Last Saturday Gallery Night.

One-Day Workshop by Judy Mason September 19th

One-Day Workshop
Weatherford Artist Judy Mason
Charcoal/Acrylic Workshop
Saturday, August 19th
9:30 A.M to 4 P.M
Shanley House Center for the Arts, 224 N. Travis St.
Cost: $50 workshop and is open to the public.

Call 817-304-0277 or email to register and get a supply list.
This fun workshop will be using charcoal in different forms – spraying it, stamping it, lifting and layering it – and then painting over some of the charcoal or using pencils in places to complete the painting or drawing a combination that somewhat comes about on its own.

There can be as many layers as you want or need to do. It is only done when you say it’s done.
The goal is to complete the work with transparency, opaqueness, bright and neutral colors, all working together with a limited palette. The end results are the surprise and the reward.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ft. Worth Artist Kim Collins demonstrating Monday Night

LGAA Meeting Monday, August 14th | 7pm
Shanley House Gallery | 224 North Travis | Granbury, TX 76048
Across from the Hood County Library

Kim Collins demonstrating abstract underpainting and finding the design with negative shape.

Collins work is heavily influenced by the tangled forms, interwoven patterns and layers of shapes found in nature. Her work has evolved over the years from realistic watercolors to abstract designs in acrylic and mixed media. The likely catalyst for this change was a bout with cancer which brought about many “rethinking what’s important” moments. Collins work had been with processes which were rigid, traditional and tedious for her but she was afraid to break out of her box. After the cancer scare, Collins allowed herself the freedom to have fun, experiment and get out of her comfort zone. She began playing with different materials, color and design, and just never looked back. Collins starts a piece with no preconceived idea of what it will ultimately become, but a sort of "relational connection" develops as the work progresses. Sometimes the relationship is easy and harmonious; sometimes it is full of conflict which must be resolved...just like life. Rather than depict a literal image, Collins strives to convey the feeling, energy and essence of the organic forms which inspire her.

Collins has exhibited in numerous galleries in the North Texas area and has won several awards. Her work is in collections across the US and Europe.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pam Tullos: LGAA "Artist of the Month"

Let's congratulate the most recent LGAA "Artist of the Month", Pam Tullos!
Second Place - Shari Edwards
Third Place - Barry Selman
Fourth Place - Marty Rains
Fifth Place - Marilyn Haskins
Sixth Place - E. Sutton

Monday, July 10, 2017

July LGAA Meeting features Carley Allen-Martin

LGAA Meeting Demo Artist
Carley Allen-Martin

7pm at Shanley House Gallery
224 North Travis | Granbury, TX | 76048

Well-known Dallas contemporary abstract artist Carley Allen-Martin will demonstrate color and design at our meeting. This is a free event and is open to the public.

The message of Allen-Martin’s work is one of resiliency, optimism, authenticity, depth, and fearlessness. It is about overcoming the obstacles we all face as human beings.
Color is the most important tool she uses to convey that message. You won’t find a heavy weight or overpowering darkness in her work.

Allen-Martin uses bits and pieces of a darker palette because just like in life, on a surface, elements of darkness make the brights shine brighter and the colors read more true. She will demonstrate the power of color, layers and attention to detail.

For Allen-Martin, drawing is a critical element of her expression. She has been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil.

She loves charcoal, because it is unapologetic. It doesn’t fit into a neat, tidy box. It is messy and bold, and brings an element of grit to the surface of the piece.

The soft pastels have the same effect, but with a more graceful, gentle approach.

Allen-Martin said, “I love working with pastels, because there is a purity to their color and richness that can’t be found in any other material.”

Oils are the most dominant material she uses to deliver the message or narrative to the surface of her work.

Overall, what she is interested in is creating honest, authentic, uplifting art that can thrive in interior spaces, and enrich the lives of both the artist and the viewer.

Allen-Martin states, “I believe the world needs optimistic work, with which we interact with on a daily basis, that gently nudges us to live more boldly, more considerately, and more authentically as the individuals we were created to be.”

Each of her paintings bares an extraordinary depth, a trail of layers that reveals how each original work came to be. Although oil is Allen-Martin’s primary medium, drawing remains critical to her practice.

The unapologetic grit of pressed charcoal and the graceful mark of soft pastels combine to create rich surfaces and remarkably vibrant chromatic experience for the viewer.
Carly Allen-Martin has studied at Santa Reperata International School of Art in Florence, Italy, The European Academy of Fine Art in Trier, Germany, and Aoyama Gakiun University in Tokyo, Japan.
She holds a BFA in painting from Texas Christian University, and has completed a residency at the Vermont Studio Center.