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Our next monthly meeting, Monday, July 11,
with the new meeting time of SIX!! pm, will feature 
Leslie Slaughter, Glass Artist

Workshop Details
Tuesday, July 13, 9am - 4pm

Leslie Slaughter

On most days, Leslie Slaughter can be found tucked away in a little shack of a building behind her house. The tiny shop is jam-packed with counters and storage units on wheels to make it easier for the petite woman to squeeze between supplies, often to check on her two large kilns heating the glass she’s been molding, forming and coloring.

Her day begins at 8:30 a.m. with coffee and brainstorming, and it typically ends at about 6:30 p.m. On some days, the main objective is to sketch and plan; on others, she dons a large clear plastic mask, a vinyl protection apron and gloves, while wielding a large saw. Her passion for glass art is evident when she speaks about the practice at a class, workshop or even when chatting at the ArtiZen Outlet where her works adorn part of the space.

As a child, Slaughter tried her hand at various mediums: clay, crayons, watercolors, Play-Doh. She suspended art to study criminal psychology at Baylor University. After a marriage and two children, however, her passion for portraits re-emerged in 1985 while flipping through a publishing guide for children’s books authors and illustrators. In it were headshots of interview subjects drawn with colored pencils. “I said to myself, ‘I can do that,’” Slaughter said. “I contacted them, and they hired me. That kind of kick started my art career.” After creating colored-pencil pieces for the publication for five years, she did private portraits in Abilene and then in Midland for the next 20 years.

In 2005, she began to ponder an endeavor into the field of glass. As a child, she was continuously enamored with stained glass such as might be seen in a church because of the iridescent colors and vivid lighting. Even though she desired to configure glass art, issues arose because of the potential vast size of stained pieces and the amount of room they require. She instead decided to focus on smaller items, which could be formed and hardened in a kiln.

Slaughter was forced to leave the area to learn the art and often traveled to Portland, Oregon, for instruction. During weeklong visits, the artist honed her skills with constant creation and experimentation. Now, her work is regularly featured in galleries and competitions around the region and beyond.

She spends many hours in her little shack, kitchen and living room relentlessly conjuring up new ideas for potential works.

“She’s on the cutting edge of her field of art,” said Bobbie Moore, a local sculptor in Midland. “She’s unbelievable; we really admire her. Some teachers give 70 percent, but she gives 110 percent. She’s just an all-around great person, as an individual and an artist.”

Workshop details:
In the workshop you will create a small object, about 4"x4," (think Christmas ornament), but it can be anything. Or, you can choose to create a plate/tray. She will take your work and fuse it in her kiln and return your project in about a week.

One day, Tuesday, July 12, 9am - 4pm
Cost: $50 members, $65 non-members + $25 for all supplies for one project
If you choose two projects, there's an additional $25 charge

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Our Vice President, Sue Bagwell who's in charge of acquiring artists to demonstrate and teach a workshop has been working diligently for the last few months to complete this schedule of events. And that's no easy task but she did it! Here's what we know at this time. 

Workshop DateDemo ArtistWorkshop Description                            
JuneNo workshop
Tuesday, July 12Lesley SlaughterFused glass smalls$50+ $25 supplies
2 Days , August 12 & 13Suzanne McNeillGold leaf and watercolor$100
Saturday, Sept. 17Pam CarrickerJournaling/self portraits (embracing your selfie)$50 + $10 supplies
2 Day, Oct. 11&12Paula NemicDay 1 – Composition, Day 2 – Painting/mixedTBD
Saturday, Nov. 19Kathy YoderWildlife$50
DecemberNo demo (Christmas party)  
**All prices are for members current with their dues. Non-members pay $65 a day  for mini workshops and an additional $50 for major workshops.

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