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Lake Granbury Art Association's Shanley House Gallery presents the following workshop opportunities. 

The usual cost is $50 for members, plus the cost of supplies. The time is usually 9am to 4pm, with a break for lunch.

One Day:

3rd Saturday Workshops
Shanley House Studio

Saturday, July 17
Patti Stepp, Palette knife painter

Patti Stepp will share her unique painting technique on Saturday, July 17 in a workshop titled "Midnight Wave."

With a palette knife, artist Patti Stepp builds three-dimensional canvases of breath-taking landscapes and majestic creatures. Her bold technique of building up the paint has taken her 35 years to develop and suggests something innovative between painting and sculpture. Her paintings reflect a remarkably unique style blending of impressionism and hints of surrealism. You won’t want to miss her class.

For the Midnight Wave workshop you will need the following supplies.

Patti uses Winton Newton 200 mi - 6.75 fl. oz. tube oils because she might use as many as 10 tubes of paint per canvas. All other oils she finds too expensive. She likes the translucency of the colors.

1. 200 mil/6.75 oz. titanium white whipped in glass jar with 1 cup refined linseed oil (light)
2. Burnt sienna 1.25 oz. tube
3. Alizarin crimson 1.25 oz. tube
4. Yellow ochre 1.25 oz. tube
5. Cadmium yellow pale 1.25 oz. tube
6. Prussian blue 1.25 oz. tube
7. Canvas 12 X 24 or 15 X 30
8. Palette knife steel pointed 3 3/8 x 1 1/4”

Saturday, August 21
Beth Pritchard, Still life oil painting
A native of Graham, Texas, Beth’s colorful oil still life paintings will dazzle you. She spent years studying with artist Kaye Franklin, also from Graham, to learn her craft. Beth is in high demand as an instructor and currently has a full teaching schedule. She is an excellent teacher and will entertain you as she teaches

Saturday, Sept. 18
Vickie Guthrie, Pastel/oil painter
Local artist and LGAA member, Vickie Guthrie, will share her approach to creating her beautiful paintings. She is accomplished in both pastels and oil, still life and landscapes. She is an experienced teacher who has taught at the LGAA and the Ft. Worth Women’s club for years. Currently she teaches private lessons.

Saturday, October 16
Jen Siler, Resin
Former LGAA president Jen Siler is a resin artist. Her demo will provide a rare opportunity to learn how she creates each piece. She will explain to us her creations and answer questions about process, materials and how she became a resin artist.

Saturday, November 20 
Lynda Robinson, Abstract art


Maryann Brummer, Oils/Acrylics  (Details to follow as received)

To enroll in Multi-Day Workshops:
A deposit of $75 is required to save yourself a spot for multi-day workshops. Each artist has a different procedure for collecting funds for the workshops so a call or email to the Workshop Chair will answer most questions.

Workshop Chairperson
Kathy Yoders
(817) 579-5075
Click here to email LGAA, the request will be forwarded to the current chairperson.

Weekly activities:

Monday Portrait class 

9am to noon
We usually have a live model.  Come draw with us!

Wednesdays - Open Studio - Free to members

10 am to 4 pm

Any member can enjoy access to the Shanley House Studio to create with other members. Bring your project and supplies. 

Third Monday Experimental Art by Karen Foster

On the 3rd Monday of every month, I will be hosting an experimental class to explore different mediums and techniques to add to your arsenal of tools to incorporate into your artwork. Beginners are welcome. Monday Classes will be called MEAD, Monday Experimental Art Day.

Shanley House, 224 N. Travis, Granbury, 76048

To Register:
 1. Send payment by check to: Karen Foster, 1365 County Rd, Glen Rose, 76043
3. Credit Card payments, call Karen at 817-312-3185.

Here is a list of the classes for all of 2021:

June 21st:  No Mead Class

July 19th:  
MEAD July 19th Birds on a branch.
Stamping, collage, painting, texture.


We will be creating a branch of birds with lots of texture, collage, stamping and painting.
You will need a 16”x20” Canvas or canvas board. It must be a stiff substrate, no watercolor paper


Collage papers: These can be store bought or from magazines or hand painted papers (I especially recommend this). Start collecting now and we can all share.


16x20 canvas, this size only
Rubber stamps
Acrylic paints
Brushes, especially a large one for background
Caran de’ache
Pen and ink

What will make this very unique in the end are real leaves that have a good raised vein system that can be stamped on to add some reality to this impressionistic collage. Search your trees and flowers and please bring some to share.

Thank you,  Karen

Aug. 16th:  Bird Nest with spray texture

Sept. 20th:  Trees, that’s all I’m going to say!

Oct. 18th Journaling Part I. I’m not a writer so I personally won’t be making a journal to turn into an account of my daily life. I will be making a journal to keep me creative, playful, and meditative. I will be using different techniques on each page. It will be a place to keep my inspirations or glue in wonderful papers that I love. The possibilities are endless.

Nov.15th Journaling Part II. A continuation of last month’s class. More Ideas, more techniques

And a discussion about starting a journaling class in the new year. I think it would be fun to have a class where each person brings an idea and supplies so we all can do a few pages together. The $5 would be for studio use, printer use, whatever. Be thinking about this.

Dec. No Class