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Lake Granbury Art Association's Shanley House Gallery presents the following workshop opportunities. 

The usual cost is $50 for members, plus the cost of supplies. The time is usually 9am to 4pm, with a break for lunch.

One Day:

3rd Saturday Workshops
Shanley House Studio

Saturday, October 23 (Note that the workshop is not actually on the 3rd Saturday)

Jen Siler
Jen Siler is a self-taught, local Granbury artist and member of LGAA who loves to create using a wide variety of mediums.  She has always been an avid crafter from childhood but started homing in her skills as an artist with acrylics in 2017.  After leaving the corporate world as an accountant and business analyst, she decided to occupy her time with painting.  She picked up a few supplies from Michael’s, completed her first pour painting and abstract palette knife painting, and a new chapter opened in her life.  Her love of color and texture has led her into creating with mediums like alcohol inks, artist resin, acrylics, and watercolor.  She utilizes resin in most of her work and will be sharing with us her creative process on how she uses this versatile medium.   
Artist resin is a fun medium to work with in your art.  It can be used purely to seal your art, or you can “paint” with it.  You can also create resin pieces like coasters or pyramids from molds and even free-form sculptures. Artist resin, or more commonly known as epoxy, is basically liquid plastic that hardens during the “cure” time.  It makes colors pop and shine!
Come to the Shanley House October 23rd starting at 9am to learn about and play with some resin.  It will be fun and there will be much to learn about this exciting medium.  We will be creating an 8x8 wood panel abstract resin painting.  The cure process takes 24 hours, so your painting will need to stay at the studio overnight and can be picked up on Sunday, the 24th.  Jen will be there from 4-5 pm for you to pick up your painting.     
Please wear clothes that you do mind if resin accidentally gets on them.  Resin will NOT come out of clothing.  Also, please remove your hair/pet hair from clothing with lint roller.  If you have long hair, please wear it up in a ponytail/bun.  These steps will make life a little easier during the resin process…trust me!
(I have provided links for some of the supplies needed)
Art Resin
Art Resin Brand They offer free shipping; please only bring this brand of resin
Organic Vapors Mask
highly recommend using an organic vapors mask while using resin, but it is ultimately your decision.
Amazon (the one I use)
Culinary Butane Torch
Can of Butane (to fill your torch)
Bubble Level
Latex or nitrile gloves*** (you must wear gloves during this process)
Isopropyl alcohol***
Baby wipes or alcohol wipes***
Paper towels
Popsicle/craft sticks/tongue depressors
Utility knife (Xacto) or scissors
Masking or painter’s tape (standard width)
Toothpicks/wooden skewers or tweezers
***I will have some if you have trouble sourcing 
Supplies I will be providing during workshop
Sealed, 8x8 Gallery Wood Panel
Heat gun (this is the heat gun I recommend if you want to purchase for your own personal use in the future Amazon)
Resin pigments

  • Eye Candy Mica Powder Ghost Gold
  • Le’ Rez Expressions Epoxy Paste Aqua Ocean
  • Le’ Rez Expressions Epoxy Paste Midnight Black

Plus the supplies needed to contain and mix resin, protect work surfaces, raise your wood panel off the table, and curing station

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 817-992-9887 or  You can sign up for the workshop at the meeting on October 11th or call me.  I am excited to share with you all I know about using resin to create art! 

Saturday, November 20 
Lynda Robinson, Abstract art

Third Monday Experimental Art by Karen Foster
This workshop series is canceled due to health issues.

To enroll in Multi-Day Workshops:
A deposit of $75 is required to save yourself a spot for multi-day workshops. Each artist has a different procedure for collecting funds for the workshops so a call or email to the Workshop Chair will answer most questions.

Workshop Chairperson
Kathy Yoders
(817) 579-5075
Click here to email LGAA, the request will be forwarded to the current chairperson.

Weekly activities:

Monday Portrait class 
9am to noon
We usually have a live model.  Come draw with us!

Wednesdays - Open Studio - Free to members
10 am to 4 pm

Any member can enjoy access to the Shanley House Studio to create with other members. Bring your project and supplies.