Meetings and Gallery Location


LGAA Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at the Shanley House Center for the Arts at 7pm (224 North Travis in Granbury,Texas). Anyone with an interest in art is encouraged to attend a meeting and join the Art Association. For more information call: 817.579.7656. An Artist of the Month will be chosen by the membership from pieces brought to the meeting along with other works of merit. These will be on display at local banks.

At each meeting an area artist or workshop teacher will give a demonstration.

If you have any questions, please contact us via

224 North Travis • Granbury, Texas 76048

Dotted Line indicates walking path through park. 

LGAA Meeting

LGAA Meeting Monday, August 14th | 7pm
Shanley House Gallery | 224 North Travis | Granbury, TX 76048
Across from the Hood County Library
Kim Collins demonstrating abstract underpainting and finding the design with negative shape.

Collins work is heavily influenced by the tangled forms, interwoven patterns and layers of shapes found in nature. Her work has evolved over the years from realistic watercolors to abstract designs in acrylic and mixed media. The likely catalyst for this change was a bout with cancer which brought about many “rethinking what’s important” moments. Collins work had been with processes which were rigid, traditional and tedious for her but she was afraid to break out of her box. After the cancer scare, Collins allowed herself the freedom to have fun, experiment and get out of her comfort zone. She began playing with different materials, color and design, and just never looked back. Collins starts a piece with no preconceived idea of what it will ultimately become, but a sort of "relational connection" develops as the work progresses. Sometimes the relationship is easy and harmonious; sometimes it is full of conflict which must be resolved...just like life. Rather than depict a literal image, Collins strives to convey the feeling, energy and essence of the organic forms which inspire her.
Collins has exhibited in numerous galleries in the North Texas area and has won several awards. Her work is in collections across the US and Europe.

Granbury Camera Club Photographers meeting
Tuesday, May 16
, at 
6:30 P.M. at the Shanley House Gallery
(Normally) Meets on 3rd summer meetings

Next Meeting in September, but check out the details of the Summer Challenge!

Here we are in summer 2017 and it is time for you to tackle a Granbury Camera Club Summer Challenge! This year, your challenge is to take photos in June, July and August to depict the following subjects:
Splish Splash
On the Road
Ready, Set, Action-filled!
Chillin’ Summer Days
Red Hot

How you interpret the subject is up to you. Be creative! You will submit your favorite photo in 5 of the 6 possible categories. We will offer a prize to a winner in each category. Winners will be based on creativity, appropriateness to the subject matter, composition and technical merit. I will get back to you on submission details.

Have fun this summer! Remember, we do not meet at as a group during June, July or August. Our next meeting will be the third Tuesday in September at The Shanley House unless otherwise announced.

I would love to have some of you take over responsibility for our annual photography show and/or monthly meetings. Don’t be shy, volunteer! Just email me with your interest.

Thank you for everything. I look forward to seeing your images. Getting to know you better as we explore photography is a blast!

Phyllis Webster

Questions about the Granbury Camera Club can be directed to 
Bob Cook
or Phyllis Webster at email 
for information.