2020 Fall Membership Fall 

Virtual Show Entries

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The Covenant
by James Brown  11x14 Charcoal and graphite

by Mary Jo Jung  

Sunshine in the Park
by Bonnie Chilcutt  24x30

by Bonnie Bird 12X12

by Bonnie Bird  16x20

The Pedestrians
by Barbara Doberenz    27x20

The Perfect Hat 
by Barbara Doberenz 15 x 22

Storm on the Grand Tetons
by Gerald Griffin  16x20 pastel

Penny 2
By Colleen Erickson  16x12

Siewarts's Ranch
by Colleen Erickson  14x18

April in Amsterdam
by Christi Conrad  12x24   Mixed Media, college and acrylic

Harlequin Fish
by Christi Conrad 12x12  Mixed Media, acrylic and college

by Dana Kirk

My New Crayons
by Daniel Krivoshia  18x36

Cowboy Dan the Handy Man
by Daniel Krovoshia  18wx36hx12d

Field Guide to Insects
by Karen Foster 

Pulp Classics
by Karen Kirk

The Dancing Blues
by Gloria Lee Hood

Splendor of Feathers
by Michelle Lord  20x10
Woman of Orange Hair
by Michelle Lord  10x6

Buttoning the Bride
by Cheryl Moore   14 x 13.5, graphite

Powwow Dancer
by Deanna Thibault  30x22.5  Mixed Media and college

The Earth Gave Birth to Flowers
by Deanna Thibault  Mixed Media and college  36.5x38.5

Busted Again
by Van Johnson

Hunting Heaven
by Van Johnson

On A Rural Route
 by Sheri Jones  8x10   oil on panel

Matchmaker’s Match/Astronauts 
by Judy Mason   24x18

by Judy Mason

Totsy In the Sky
by Debbie Lincoln  30 x 36 oil on canvas

Beach Day
by Vickie Pflueger  Acrylic  12x24

by Vickie Pflueger  Acrylic  16x20

Chameleon Sky
by Jim Stewart Acrylic  18x24

Powder Road
by Jim Stewart  Acrylic  24x18

High Plains Drifter
by Pam Tullos  Oil  30x40

Noble Grace
by Pam Tullos  Oil  30x24

Hive Jive
by Kay Wirz  18x24

Red Sky at Morning
by Kay Wirz  20x20

A Splash of Light
by Sheri Jones   oil on linen panel 

Durango to Silverton
by Julie Wende    Oil  14x11

Practice Like You've Never Won,
Play Like You've Never Lost
by Cheryl Moore  12x19  Pastel