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Granbury Camera Club Meeting Info:
Granbury Camera Club Meetings take place the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at Shanley House Gallery. MEETING DATES MAY VARY based on the program for the meeting. Typically, no meetings take place during the hot summer months. You can also follow the Granbury Camera Club on their Facebook Page.

Shanley House Gallery | 224 N. Travis | Granbury, TX 76048
Located Next to Shanley Park and Across from the Hood County Library.


Next gathering: Tuesday, May 18
6:30 pm
Shanley House Gallery

You are invited to attend the May 2021 meeting of the Granbury Camera Club. We'll gather at 6:30 p.m. at The Shanley House. There are three activities on our very full agenda.

First, a possible new member, Paul Johnson, will talk to us briefly about a project in June involving volunteer photographers. He is helping with a golf tournament benefiting the Pecan Plantation Fire Dept. and he is looking for photographers to help with the effort. I'll let him explain, but if you like golf and like to volunteer your time, you may be interested in this opportunity.

Also, you are invited to bring some of your photos from our last meeting's walk-about to share with the group. Bring your .jpg files on a flash drive and be prepared to discuss them with us.

And next - our main presentation - member Jim Hill will teach us about the use of Negative Space and Minimalism in photography. He will show us some examples of his wonderful work discussing natural lighting and the use of low budget lighting to achieve these types of photos. Jim says, "This is photography that you can make at home or on the road."

I am so excited we are back together! Please remember that masks are still suggested for meetings at The Shanley. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Phyllis Webster

Past posts:
Photo Friends;
Last month (May 2020) we had a very nice outing at the Acton Nature Center. While the temps were high, there was a nice breeze and some shade, so we had a pretty good evening for making pictures. Jerry Johansen has agreed to help lead our group again in June as we return to Acton Nature Center. We'll basically follow the same routine as in May. Last month, I used my macro lens exclusively, but this month I will bring the telephoto as I would like to take advantage of the bird blinds. Other concerns — please wear sunscreen, bug spray and possibly a hat for the sun. Jim was kind enough to furnish water last month, but you may want to bring a bottle or two. We'll be there 1-2 hours, but you may leave when desired.

On Tuesday, June 16, we will meet at our usual time — 6:30 p.m. — in the parking area. Gerry Johansen coordinated with the Nature Center/City of Acton to ensure all is OK for us to have an evening photography outing at the Center. If the weather holds, the light should be excellent for photos prior to sunset at 8:30 or so.

We will not ignore concerns about COVID-19 while at the Nature Center. Please remember to social distance. There is plenty of room to photograph without crowding. Of course, if you do not feel you should join the group due to health concerns, we all understand.

Let me remind you, the group does not meet in July or August. The LGAA has closed the Shanley House at least through August. At the end of summer, as decision will be made as to fall activities. Currently, the plan is to have a "fall show" that will be for LGAA members only, which includes LGAA photographers. I will let you know about fall plans as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, arrive at the Nature Center by 6:30 p.m. It is located at 6900 Smoky Hill Court. Smoky Hill Court dead ends at the Nature Center. When it appears our group has arrived, everyone will be given instructions. If desired, wear a mask while in the parking lot. As we spread out while waling at the Nature Center, we will social distance, so you will be able to comfortably remove your mask.

Here's what Gerry said about photographing at the Nature Center:

“There are trails you can meander through to photograph wildflowers, while still maintaining safe social distancing. A macro lens can get a good workout. With plenty of room, you might want to lug along your monopod or tripod. For those interested in birding, there is a building (indoor bird blind) and a fence with two openings or photograph along the trails. Bring your long lens if you have one. The butterfly garden is near the bird area, right below the windmill. It's also the place where the bathrooms are located. (For those who want to meet up afterwards . . .) We can meet back at the pavilion to compare notes and impressions. One more thing: bring a couple of bucks with you. There is a donation box on the southeast corner of the parking lot.”

Link to a map of the Acton Nature Center:

Also, to add to what Gerry said, you should consider applying insect repellent and sunscreen. Please visit the Center’s website ( for more information about what to expect, the Center’s rules and what you should wear. After our outing, let’s share our photos on our Camera Club Facebook site. You are welcome to post your photos on our Facebook site at any time! Let’s make the 16th a time to enjoy the out-of-doors with our cameras while remembering to consider everyone’s health. See you soon. Phyllis Webster

Hello photo friends!

First of all, I want to thank Jim Hill for stepping in to do our program in March. Rick Cotton has successfully undergone another surgery, but even though he is willing to show up to do a presentation on the 17th, I insisted he heal longer — with great approval from his wife Becky! We will hear from Rick and Becky another time.

Meanwhile, we are continuing with our theme of finding ways to get inspired and be creative in our photography. Jim has some amazing tips and techniques to share. Below is his program and background information. See you Tuesday, March 17, 6:30 p.m. at the Shanley House.
Jim's Program:

Phyllis has asked me to talk about some of my still life photography at the next Granbury Photography Club meeting. I’m going to bring some items to help you understand what can be used to set up a still life photo session. Included will be props and lighting that can be used and I'll tell you where to buy it. I’ll go over different lighting from simple Home Depot purchases to speed lights. I’ll give you information as to where to buy black or white acrylic sheets, clear glass, black and white boards and other items used in our demonstration. Will set up two photo sessions, one using one light, a Flashlight, called Light Sculpturing and another on splash photography.

About Jim:

Jim Hill is a self-taught local photographer. He has been in the printing industry all his working life. As a salesman most of this time, he was around very talented and creative graphic artists. Now retired from the printing industry, he is very much into photography.

When he retired 6 yeas ago, Jim wanted some sort of hobby and decided to use photography to keep active. He has always had an interest in photography, but was mostly just a snapper. He decided to take it to the next level and learn what all the buttons on his camera really do. As he became a better photographer he increased the quality of his work with Photoshop post production editing.

As you can see, this will be a fantastic meeting. Please join us!

Phyllis Webster