Membership Show and Art Sale 

Show runs from June 19 through July 25

There is such variety and imaginative work, you'll have to see it! 

And the winners are:

Best in Show:
Classic Chevy by Jack Fleming

Award of Excellence:
The Old Hartman House by Barry Selman

Award of Excellence:
The Cyclist by Barbara Doberenz

Award of Merit:
Teal Harmony by Marie Szczesny

Award of Merit:
The Wild of Palo Duro by Audrey Caylor

Honorable Mention:
Wise by Danny Pelton

Honorable Mention:
White Daisies by Linda Miller

Honorable Mention:
Enchanted Waterfall by Gloria Hood

Our club meets on the second Monday of each month, so our next monthly meeting is Monday, August 9, 7 pm, with Patti Stepp as our featured demo artist featuring Still Life Oil Painting.

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Workshop on July 17 and MEAD July 19

Patti Stepp will share her unique painting technique on Saturday, July 17 in a workshop titled "Midnight Wave." Sign-up available at the monthly meeting, or contact Linda Miller at (817) 296-3329.

With a palette knife, artist Patti Stepp builds three-dimensional canvases of breath-taking landscapes and majestic creatures. Her bold technique of building up the paint has taken her 35 years to develop and suggests something innovative between painting and sculpture. Her paintings reflect a remarkably unique style blending of impressionism and hints of surrealism. Based out of Sedona, Arizona Stepp’s art often features the landscapes and animals of Arizona. You won’t want to miss her class.

For the Midnight Wave workshop you will need the following supplies.

Patti uses Winton Newton 200 mi - 6.75 fl. oz. tube oils because she might use as many as 10 tubes of paint per canvas. All other oils she finds too expensive. She likes the translucency of the colors.

1. 200 mil/6.75 oz. titanium white whipped in glass jar with 1 cup refined linseed oil (light)
2. Burnt sienna 1.25 oz. tube
3. Alizarin crimson 1.25 oz. tube
4. Yellow ochre 1.25 oz. tube
5. Cadmium yellow pale 1.25 oz. tube
6. Prussian blue 1.25 oz. tube
7. Canvas 12 X 24 or 15 X 30
8. Palette knife steel pointed 3 3/8 x 1 1/4”

MEAD July 19th Birds on a branch.
Stamping, collage, painting, texture.

We will be creating a branch of birds with lots of texture, collage, stamping and painting.

You will need a 16”x20” Canvas or canvas board. It must be a stiff substrate, no watercolor paper.


Collage papers: These can be store bought or from magazines or hand painted papers (I especially recommend this). Start collecting now and we can all share.

16x20 canvas, this size only
Rubber stamps
Acrylic paints
Brushes, especially a large one for background
Caran de’ache
Pen and ink

What will make this very unique in the end are real leaves that have a good raised vein system that can be stamped on to add some reality to this impressionistic collage. Search your trees and flowers and please bring some to share.

Please see the workshop page for additional information.