August 5, 2020
The Board met this past week and I am excited to announce that we have decided to open the Shanley House Gallery and resume membership meetings.  You will find more information about the upcoming meetings, gallery shows, classes and workshops in the the membership newsletter.

As a gentle reminder, if you feel sick or have been exposed to the Covid 19 virus, please do not come to the Shanley House.  If you do not feel comfortable being around others at this time, please stay at home. 

You will need to wear a mask while in the building with others.  There will be hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and tissues available and we will be following the 50% capacity rule at the Shanley House for all events.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.  

Jen Siler
LGAA President

Monthly meetings will resume on September 14th at 7pm.  Unfortunately, meetings will be limited to 25 attendees.  The first 25 to the meeting will be allowed in the studio.  This has to do with the 50% capacity rule and being able to space people out appropriately.  Please remember to wear your mask during the meeting.  

The demo artist schedule is as follows:

September 14th - Mary Jo Jung, Colored Pencil
October 12th - Pam Carricker, Mixed Media
November 9th, Marianne Letieri, Sculptures, Installations 

Artist of the Month 
The following people have signed up to bring artwork for Artist of the Month.  We need at least six people every month.  If you don't sign up, you may still bring artwork.  Please contact me if you have signed up and are unable to bring artwork.  
September - Pat Ceo, Lynda Robinson, Jen Siler
October - Pat Mortimerr, Doris Bernier, James Brown
November - 
December - Jen Siler

Meeting Refreshments
If you are on the list to bring refreshments to our meetings for the remainder of the year, you do not need to worry about bringing them.  This is for the health of our members.  The Board is making arrangements for the possibility of having individually packaged refreshment bags.  

Fall Membership Show 
This year's Fall Show will not be our usual juried show.  Instead, it is our membership show that we usually have in the spring.  Since the spring show was cancelled earlier this year, the Board felt it would be better to not have the usual juried show and allow our members to partake in a membership show this fall.  

There will be no usual show reception and awards night at the Shanley House.  Instead, we will be conducting a virtual show on the LGAA Facebook page of the art in the show.  Awards and pictures of the artwork will also be listed on the LGAA Facebook page.  Visitors are still allowed to come to the gallery and view the artwork in the show.  Last Saturday Night Gallery Night is on September 26th.  

Please help LGAA in getting the word out about our fall show.  Share with your friends and family.  Let them know that the show will be streamed on our Facebook page and will be open in the gallery from September 11th until October 18th.  

We are asking that each person who enters artwork into the show sends a digital image of the artwork he/she is submitting.  This is not for jury purposes, it is so we may post the images on our Facebook page.  

Click here for the 2020 Fall Membership Show guidelines and entry form