Camera Club Personal Project

Hello Camera Club friends!

I have been spending a lot of time away from my camera catching up on projects and visiting family. I am getting rusty, so time to get that gear out and snap away! I am guessing you have been traveling, seeing friends and family as well, but hopefully you have been taking your camera along to catch some beautiful moments.

For several years I have issued a Summer Challenge to members of the Camera Club. Typically, I have chosen topics and we have had a contest. I’ve decided to do something different this year, something more meaningful. I’d like to see everyone take on the challenge of developing a Personal Project.  At our September meeting, and in the months following as necessary, I would like each of you to tell the group about your project and show us a photo or two that you have taken to meet your personal challenge. Don’t worry, the assignment can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I think each of us will learn many lessons while trying to accomplish our challenges, and we can share these lessons with the group.

I would like to see everyone “produce” at least one photo per month for your project. Of course, you may take hundreds of shots to come up with one per month that you feel should be included in your “personal project portfolio.” Perhaps we will be able to have a show at the Shanley in the future to showcase our projects!

I hope you have not already thrown in the towel! I am going to share several ideas with you that you can adopt, put your own spin on the idea and then get started. You do not have to use these ideas. Be creative! Here goes:

1. Document family. Photograph family members at work, at play, etc. Or do portraits. Or simply document one child. For example, take a photo of a grandchild as he/she develops over the course of a year. No children? How about a pet!

2. “Day in the Life of . . .” Document your neighborhood, town or business, etc. Perhaps venture over to the lake and take photos on a regular basis.

3. My Garden – Capture your landscape in photos or go to a botanic garden etc.

4. Wildlife/Nature – So may subjects to choose from, such as birds in your backyard or scenes in your favorite parks.

5. City life – venture to the Metroplex and beyond to capture street scenes.

You may also choose a subject vastly more complicated, but it is not necessary. The objective is to take photos with a purpose or intention. It is story-telling with a narrative in mind prior to clicking the shutter rather than random capture. Let’s have fun with this assignment. The next Camera Club meeting will be the third Tuesday night of the month, September 17, at 6:30 p.m., at the Shanley House. I am looking for as many of you as possible to bring a photo on a flash drive and be willing to share a little information about your personal project.

Meanwhile, I will be in touch. Here’s to capturing something that’s meaningful to you!

Phyllis Webster, Granbury Camera Club