Spring Membership show Winners

Spring Membership Show Winners

Best Of Show: Caught on the Run  by Van Johnson

Award of Excellence winners:

The Rooster  by Linda Miller

Let's Do Lunch  by Kay Wirz

Open  by Julie Wende

Stephenville Alley  by Bob Cook

Special Juror's Award winners:

Fooled  by James Brown 

Poppies  by Andrea Lee

Ride Like the Wind  by Pam Tullos
Mitochrondrial Eve  by Kara English

Award of Achievement winners:

Moving through Bosque  by Phyllis Webster

The Door #2  by Barbara Doberenz 
Life is Full of Romance  by Deanna Thibault

Hororable Mentions:

Turquoise  by Mary Jo Jung
Heathcliff  by Barry Selman
Sunrise Whimsey  by Debra Hart
Shopping Break  by Judy Mason Eldridge