Monday Experimental Art Day (MEAD)
Whimsical houses
May 20th
Shanley House Gallery, Granbury

Karen's unfinished example
This class will certainly let your funky imagination come out to play and create.

Karen Foster will show you how to create a row of houses with whack-a-doodle occupants. You will have a great time putting it all together if you do a little prep work before hand. Start sketching funny houses, or go to Pinterest and search for whimsical houses and people. Start you a board of things you like. You can check out Karen’s board at

Karen will be using a 10x20 or 12x24 canvas. You may want to cut you a piece of paper that size and start designing your layout. Here is Karen’s unfinished example

Karen’s idea is to make everything attached to the houses with each house having some kind of being or creature living in it.

Bring to class: 10x20 or 12x24 canvas, paints, brushes
Nice to have but can share: paper towels, tracing paper, carbon paper, micron pen 03
Optional: acrylic markers, acrylic pen and ink, collage papers, glue

You may pay $50 by cash, check made out to Karen Foster or use your PayPal to pay for your class.