Deanna Thibault Demo Artist | Monday, March 11th

Deanna Thibault demo on hand-painted collage
Shanley House Gallery
Monday March 11th | 7pm

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Abstract Artist/teacher Deanna Thibault will give a demonstration on Mixed Water-Media and hand-painted collage. This event is free and is open to the public.

Thibault moved to Granbury from Arizona 3 years ago. The images you will see reflected in her work are florals, still life’s and landscapes. You will see her work is greatly influenced by her time spent in the Southwest. Thibault’s perspective is sometimes taken from great heights as both she and her husband fly around in their small private plane.

Thibault uses black ink to draw so that she has to live with her graphic lines. She then adds watercolors, acrylics, and hand painted papers to her collage. As she builds the layers of paper and paint to her artwork, it reflects a whimsical and vibrant almost abstract look. She will be bringing some of her award winning pieces of art to the demonstration.

Thibault tries to paint every day. She always tells her students “Make your paintings personal! Don’t paint for others, paint what make you happy and you will always end up with art that you love.”

Shanley House Gallery | 224 N Travis Street, right by the Hood County Library.