LGAA Fall Festival of Art Accepted Artists

Official list of Artists accepted into the LGAA Fall Festival of Art.
Our juror this year is Ann Hardy.

(Name, Titles of Accepted Pieces)
Jeanette Alexander: Sunflowers, M&C Bouquet
Susan Canter: Faucet Head, Family
Howard Chaney: Silver Lining, King of the Mountain
Diane Coble: Taking A Break
Bob Cook: The Docent, Ozark Born
Sheri Cook: Baby Talk
Valerie Cranston: Splash
Bill Dale: Deanna, Pretty Girl
Krystyna Dale: Sunflower, Madame Monarch
Teri Daniels: View From the Game Room
Barbara Doberenz: Subway Prayers
Colleen Erickson: Tra Falgar, London
Beth Eschbach: Lee County Peanut Mill
Sleepy Gomez: Freedom, Chrome Mushroom
Jake Griggs: Mother's Love, The Lord is a Refuge
Paula Jenkins: All That Jazz, Wagon Wheel
Van Johnson: Close Encounter
Sheri Jones: Color of Light
Mary Jo Jung: Bayeux Tulips
Ginny Knight: Flight of Fancy
Dan Krivoshia: Flossie the Fallen Angel
Cynthia LaBuda: Along the Railroad Tracks, Texas Landscape
Gloria Lee Hood: The Geode's Shimmering Shades of Gray
Judy Mason: Garden Bouquet, Out of the Desert
Erin Medellin: The Tenacious One, Thirteen Coppers
Linda Miller: Max
Susie Monzingo: Moon Dance, Amore
Cheryl Moore: Mommy's Girl; Sun, Sand and Smile
Kenji Nishikawa: Voice of Mercy
Tells Rodelv: Destination, we Were Once
Barry Selman: Park Place
Dan Spangler: Cruising Pelicans
James Stewart: Bayou Moon
Pam Tullos: Lady with a Rose, Gypsy Cowgirl
Kay Wirz: Quiet Giant, Red Rim
Rebecca Zook: Palo Pinto Prickly Pear