Sunday, July 31, 2016

Diana Davis Baker at the Granbury Visitor's Bureau in August

Selected works by Diana Davis Baker will be exhibited at the Granbury Visitor's Bureau for the month of August.

A native Granburian and Tarleton graduate, Diana’s work often celebrates the past; capturing scenes that have been lost to time and bring back comforting, nostalgic memories centering on love or brotherhood. Many of these scenes are from Granbury’s past.

Diana recognizes that her own personal history has had a huge impact on shaping her art.

“A friend comforted me by saying “Diana, you’re creative because of all the losses you endured early in life.” This statement was a consolation that there was a reason for numerous deaths of loved ones and close friends, Mom’s fight with cancer, poor health hindering me from playing the game I loved-basketball: and being fearful of loving anyone or anything. These paintings project the love I was unable to express for a long time.”

Though not able to play basketball, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in All-level Health and Physical Education from Tarleton State College and a Master of Science in Health and Physical Education from Texas A & M University. She was able to pursue her passion for sports through coaching. This love, plus the kinship that goes along with team sports are frequent themes in her work.

“Being a former coach, I still possess a great love for sports and the comradery, which is why these brotherly ties touched my heart so deeply.”

Though Diana’s painting look to the past, she herself chooses to live in the moment and shares this bit of wisdom.

“Live in the moment, love those you care about, tell them how you feel and hug them as often as possible. Each time may be the last.”

The Visitor's Bureau is located at the East end of City Hall.

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