Kay Wirz featured artist at Granbury Visitor's Bureau for June

Award winning artist, Kay Wirz, is the LGAA featured artist at the Granbury Visitor’s Bureau for the month of June. Make sure to stop in and see her work. The Visitor's Bureau is located at the East end of City Hall.

Kay credits the launch of her fine art career to a perceptive second grade teacher who recognized and encouraged her ability. She did shift her focus to Interior Design and owned her Interior Design business for 26 years, but returned once again to fine art in retirement. 

Kay describes her unique style as “abstract realism”. Inspiration for her subject matter varies, but currently birds, plants and buildings contrasted with abstract patterns and lines holds her attention. “By using flat, mostly hard-edge areas of color, careful line work and sometimes surface patterns, I develop the form of my subject matter. I’m constantly intrigued by the endless substance and variety to be found in subtle color and shape relationships.”

Kay joined the LGAA in 2009 and has served on the Board and as an officer. “I impressed with the high quality of art work among the members of the Granbury Association. I have found that all of the members are most generous with sharing their expertise and their friendship among each other. It certainly helps all of us to grow.”