Friday, March 4, 2016

LGAA Meeting March 14th Artist Demonstration by Dina Gregory

LGAA Meeting
March 14th -7pm 

Artist Demonstration by Dina Gregory
En plein air
at the Shanley House Gallery • 224 North Travis • Granbury across from the Hood County Library

En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air" and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

Plein air artists thrive on challenge.

The first challenge is the constant movement of light. How an artist relates to the changing light and shadows is of paramount importance when painting outdoors.

Challenge 2  – weather. The scorching Texas temperatures, violent winds, unpredictable rain, and often blinding sunlight all play havoc with plein air artists in our area.

A third challenge is bugs and varmints. Rampant mosquitos, fire ants and a friendly skunk or snake can ruin the day for a plein air artist.

One can easily recognize these peculiar artists. Each carries a portable easel, sometimes an umbrella, often wears a big hat and sturdy boots and packs bug spray and sun block with their paints and canvases or paper.

Famous Taos artist, Walt Gonske, includes mace in his arsenal. Sometimes it's not the critters but the unfriendly two legged visitors who can be bothersome. Once he had a full beer can thrown at him from a car going 50 miles per hour; luckily, the trajectory of the hurled suds was amiss. Fortunately, he has never had to use the mace.

Dina Gregory, local plein air pastelist, enjoys capturing the fleeting moment. She says, “It is the connection between God, man and nature. Pastels give me the freedom to work quickly and to express the feeling of the moment.” Gregory will share her expertise and experiences at the next meeting of the Lake Granbury Art Association, Monday, June 8.

Dina's favorite painting spots are Big Bend, Palo Duro Canyon, the Hill Country and her own Bosque county acreage.  She feels her paintings help preserve the beautiful landscapes of her native Texas. She agrees that you never know what or who is going to show up.

Dina shares, “I was painting alone in the Chihuahuan Desert at Big Bend. To critique my work, I walk back from my painting to see it from a distance. I had walked pretty far back when a couple drove by. They stopped and asked if I needed help. I guess since I was a woman alone in the desert with smudges of pastel on my face, I looked like I needed help.” I said, “Thanks, I am okay...I am just looking at my painting.”

“The horror on their faces was apparent. I’m sure they were thinking, 'this lady has been in the sun too long and thinks she is looking at a painting.' The painting and my car were too far away for them to see until I pointed.”

Dina has been juried into many prestigious shows, been awarded numerous prizes, frequently demos her skills at art associations, and even judges many exhibits herself. The Lake Granbury Art Association is honored to welcome her as our next demo artist.