Granbury Wine Walk Silent Auction Artist Information

Wine Walk Art
Art for the Wine Walk will be selected from LGAA member art only. Twelve pieces will be selected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If there is any unsold art at the end of each day, it will be returned to the Shanley House that evening.

Each LGAA member may bring up to two pieces of art (2 or 3-dimensional; including photography). Please place it in the main gallery (NOT work/demonstration room) at the Shanley House starting Monday, April 20. Stand art next to the wall under the hanging Spring Show pieces.
Members will need to fill out a two-part form for each piece, taping the completed form to appropriate piece. Forms will be on glass topped case on the right as you enter the Shanley House.
Make sure your name is written or taped on the back of your entry. This is separate from the two-part form. You may also include business cards in a Baggie attached to the back of one of your pieces.
Artwork will be sold in a silent auction.
The ultimate price is determined by the bidders.
Half of the sale price (50%) goes to the artist and half (50%) goes to the LGAA.
We appreciate your participation and hope to see you at the Wine Walk.