MAY Demo Artist Pamela Shultz May 11th

Please note our error...Pamela Shultz is scheduled for May demonstration not April as previously reported. We apologize for the error and very much look forward to her Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper demo in May.

LGAA Meeting

May 11th -7pm 

Artist Demonstration by Pamela Shultz
Alcohol Inks on Yupo
at the Shanley House Gallery • 224 North Travis • Granbury across from the Hood County Library

©2015 Pamela Shultz

Pamela Lane Shultz
Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Watercolorist
May Demo LGAA Alcohol Inks on Yupo
With a background in photography (had my own business doing photography in the 80's and after a divorce, went to work for Olan Mills Glamour Studio as a Glamour Photographer, then freelance photography while working at Hood County Sheriff's Department as a jailer), my only claim to being artistic comes from my roots in photography.  Photography is great for learning composition, layout, color, hue, saturation, lighting, exposure, and how to work with subjects.  
Shortly after joining Lake Granbury Art Association, I graduated from Westwood College Associated Degree-Graphic Design,  Bachelor’s Degree-Visual Communications while working at Hood County Sheriff’s Department.  Art classes were a part of my degree studies, but I did not feel that in any way shape or form was I an artist in the true sense of the word.  I have won awards for my 3D art and animation work in 2002.  
First Joined Lake Granbury Art Association:  2010 started lessons from Cynthia Body in watercolor (never painted in my life).  Cynthia changed my world.  She opened a world that was inside me that I knew existed but I didn't know how to tap into.  For almost six months I had the pleasure of studying under Cynthia, before she passed away.  I bought one of her arts from the first show I entered and I treasure it as it hangs in my living room, as an inspiration piece and a reminder of the great artist who taught me.
With my mentor gone, I was crushed and struggling to learn.  My hours at the Sheriff's Department made it difficult to attend meetings regularly, and also to participate in any classes.  Plus I was still in college full time.  I began to search Youtube for as much as I could find on techinques in watercolor.  I also spent hours at the library checking out books on watercolor and studying every aspect of it that I find.  I found a wonderful website online called where I bought a series of DVD's on watercolor, and also had an online study of each genre of art.  My art has progressed from those studies.  
I am not an artist who has shown in galleries, nor have I been taught through great schools of art, I am just a person who walked into the Lake Granbury Art Association and fell in love with what I saw around me and knew that passion in me had to be tapped.  I feel anything in life is a learning process and we never stop learning.  I have sold some arts, and have had some commissioned arts over the past two years, but certainly not gallery quality stuff.  
Awards since joining the Lake Granbury Art Association:
Spring Show LGAA:  Computer graphic of ‘Evie 1948’ won 3rd Mixed Media-2011
Dancing Flute (Kokopelli):  LGAA Artist of the Month 2012-4th place 
4 Clydesdales:  LGAA Artist of the Month October 2013-5th place
Southwest Abstract:  LGAA Artist of the Month January 2015-3rd Place
Heading Home: LGAA Artist of the Month February 2015-2nd Place
This past year, I was asked to and started teaching watercolor classes at my church.  To ignite the passion in others has been a true joy for me.  Cynthia Body once told me that there is no bad art....and I have since learned that there IS such a thing as 'a happy mistake'.  To be able to empart that along with a few techniques I have learned has been quite a new direction for me.  I think it takes a certain confidence to keep moving forward, and that attitude from Cynthia helped alot.
In late 2014, I took a Yupo/Watercolor class from Kathy Yoders with the Lake Granbury Art Association, and that class seriously made a monster out of me.  I wanted to learn more about what I could do with the stunning colors, textures of watercolor and learn the background of Yupo paper.  I discovered again via youtube, the fun of alcohol inks.  Through hours and hours of experimenting and studying (in less than a year), I found a new niche in Yupo that taps both the watercolor and the ink passions in me.  The rich vibrant colors of the alcohol inks make a stunning statement, and are so messy to work with, but the results are a joy.  Yupo is a non porous paper, used in every field for labels, art, and design.  Alcohol inks mix pigments with ether alcohol for colors that litterally flow on the yupo paper.  It dries within minutes and blends and runs creating stunning effects.  Alcohol inks can be used on glass, tile, plastics and metals also for more design ideas.
Now that I am retired, I can spend the time bringing out the best in what I love, my art and photography, and spend more time learning from the brilliant artists at the Lake Granbury Art Association.  In the meantime, I wanted to share my passion of Yupo and alcohol inks and what I have learned, to my fellow artists.  I have dabbled in acrylics and never attempted oil, although I would dearly love to learn to oil paint.  I just don't know how to start!  I will continue learning more about the genres I feel are my niche and sharing what little I know and have learned.  I feel extremely blessed to have a husband who encourages me, God who gave me the gift of art, and grandchildren who love to paint and the Lake Granbury Art Association to encourage, challenge, and teach me!