Photographer Roger J. Levesque to Speak at LGAA January 12th meeting

Guest Demo Speaker for the LGAA Monday, January 12th meeting will be photographer Roger J. Levesque at the Shanley House gallery, 7pm. Anyone with an interest in art is invited to attend the meeting.

From Roger...
"I have been involved with photography in some form or another for over 50 years. I don’t consider myself a “professional” but more of a very, very serious amateur.

Self taught in the days of film and carried that over to the digital realm in the mid 90’s. Today the computer is my darkroom. I’ve dabbled in all types of photography, but truly enjoy earthscapes, nature, and still life. I avoid portraits because I’m really bad at it. Over the years my photographs have been accepted in regional, national, and international competitions/exhibits, and national photography magazines. I recently had a solo retrospective exhibit of my photographs of the past 50 years at Howard Payne University.


Since moving to Brownwood in the late 90’s I have been actively involved in promoting photography as a fine art, as well as all other visual arts, in our community.

I currently mentor several aspiring photographers and conduct basic photography workshops for any interested groups or individuals. I especially enjoy working with “traditional artist” in helping them with photography, either in basic photo techniques or photographing their artwork for submission to competitions/exhibits.

I plan to demo the techniques, means, and workflow I use in producing a finished photograph with several examples of my photographs. I will also be prepared to discuss basic or advanced photography as it applies to traditional artists if so desired. Please let me know if there are any specific subject, etc your group would be interested in."