LGAA Spring Show Winner's List

Ralf Postulka Award – “Intolerable Noise” by April Davis
LGAA expresses their gratitude to the Postulka Family for their generosity

Category 1 – Oils
1st Place – “Evening On The Brazos ” by  Jill Randall
2nd- Place – “Lazy Day in Jackson Hole” by Van Johnson
3rd Place – “Villa of Tuscany” by Sheri Jones
Honorable Mention – “Jerusalem Donkey” by Linda C. Miller

Category 2 – Watercolor, gouache, silk, acrylic
1st Place – “April Overcast” by James Stewart
2nd Place – “Standing Strong “by Kara English
3rd Place – Royal Street Musicians” by Bob Cook
Honorable Mentions – “Backwoods Home” by Barry Selman
                                   “Frazzled” by Jackie Stengle

Category 3 – 3D – glass, textiles, pottery, sculpture, etc.
1st Place – Las Caux” by Cynthia Ross

2nd Place – “Coral & Rocks” by Dave Ross

3rd Place – “Color In One” by Cassie English

Honorable Mention – “Under Glass” by Elise Techentine

Category 4 – Mixed Media
1st Place – “Complexity” by Sue Howell

2nd Place – “Sibling Song” by Kay Wirz

3rd Place – “Serengeti” by Pam Fritz

Honorable Mention – “Genesis” by Cathy Quest

Category 5 & 6 – Photography, pastel, pencil, pen, ink
1st Place – “Blue Moon” by Kathy Yoders

2nd Place – “Goldie Locks” by Pamela Steege

3rd Place – “Tomatoes from Greece” by Carolyn Cox Howard

Honorable Mention – “Plein Air Bluebonnets” Vickie Guthrie