Judy Mason Demonstration on March 10th at 7pm

George Bernard Shaw wrote in his 1903 play, “Man and Superman”, “He who can, does.  He who cannot, teaches.”   The phrase sounds like a criticism of teaching.  But this well-worn phrase does not always apply -- maybe even rarely applies.  Judy Mason, the March demo artist for the Lake Granbury Art Association, is the antithesis of this claim.  She successfully teaches art to mostly home-schooled 9th graders and creates amazing art herself.

Mason began her art training about thirty years ago at the Carrizo Lodge Art School in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and for several years thereafter, participated as a student at Louisiana Tech and in workshops lead by prominent artists throughout Texas and in San Miguel, Mexico.   

“Teaching,” says Mason, “has made all the difference.”  She taught adult classes at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, at the Lockheed Art Association and at Weatherford’s Firehouse Gallery.   Happy Hill Farm and Trinity Valley Academy have both enjoyed her tutelage.  Dream job:  She was teaching assistant in three to seven-week workshops   under the direction of Douglas Walton, prominent abstract artist, in Bali.  In Bali!  (Local artists want to know if there is a current opening for assistant?!)   Her current and long term gig of teaching home school youngsters, however, feeds her soul and her artwork.

“Children”, says Mason, “approach things with eagerness and creativity, while adults are trapped in their own concepts.  Children are open to new adventures in learning.  A young artist is lead to make decisions about his or her piece that reflect an inner message and beauty.”  She adds, “While I work individually with each student, I refer them to the elements of design in making their art piece workable.  Composition, color, size relationships, dominance of direction, and shape are all discussed.”

Each year, her Fort Worth based school for home-schooled young folks holds an exhibition of their work.  Unlike many shows for youngsters, however, she is dead set against judging their work as good or not so good, choosing some for ribbons and others not.  Each one has their voice, their unique vision, their individual expression.

Mason currently paints primarily in acrylic, on both paper and canvas.  She loves the ability when using acrylic to layer her colors and images.  Her vibrant work can be seen on her website www.judymasoneldrige.com.  

The Lake Granbury Art Association’s welcomes all folks interested in art and those wanting to learn more about art, those experienced and all newbies..  The next meeting, featuring Judy Mason, will be on March 10 at 7 p.m. at the Shanley House Gallery, 224 N. Travis.  Not only will one get first-rate information, but we serve yummy refreshments and award door prizes. Members will exhibit artwork in competition of “Artist of the Month.”